Meet ExtoWallet 

A new level of crypto security and convenience  

ExtoWallet consists of ExtoCard Hardware Wallets and accompanying iOS and Android App together providing a new level of security, convenience, and versatility for crypto asset custody. 


ExtoCards provide on-card private fingerprint training and recognition along with optional passwords for added security. Private-key generation for crypto accounts and transaction signatures are performed on the tamper-resistant card.. ExtoApps accompanying ExtoCards provide the ultimate combination of security, accessibility, and ease of use. 


ExtoCards have secure Bluetooth, USB and NFC communication capabilities to connect to phones, PCs or each other. 

A USB dock or Rechargable Power Bank allows recharging of the Card's Lithum battery which will last for weeks. 

In addition to passphrase recovery, ExtoCards can be securely duplicated using the Rechargable Power Bank accessory. 

A new kind of a CryptoWallet 

ExtoCards- A Multifactor HW Wallet

The ExtoCards are where your private keys are generated and stored safely. All transactions initiated from companion Apps will be sent to the ExtoCards for verification of recipient address, amount and fees. Only then transactions are signed and sent back to the ExtoApp, to be posted on the respective Blockchain. The first version of the ExtoWallet will support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, XRP and a host of ERC20 tokens


ExtoApp- Mobile iOS & Android Apps:

We modified the open source BRD wallet to accompany the cards. BRD is well architected and easy to use. ExtoApps moved private key generation/storage and transaction authentication to the secure ExtoCards. We will open source the modified BRD source code. 


Security and Tamper Resistance:

The ExtoCards and ExtoApps are designed to be a highly secure yet convenient way to protect your crypto assets. The cards employ best in class hardware and software tamper-resistant designExtoWallet can support multiple wallets with user selectable modes of use. 

User Selectable Security

Users can select different security levels

  • Wallets can be secured by Fingerprint only for ease of use. 

  • Fingerprints and Passwords can be combined for higher security wallets. 

  • Passwords or Pins can also be used to access hidden wallets. 

  • For the ultimate security Multi-Signature Wallets can be set up. 



The cards generate a 24-word recovery passphrase which users need to safe keep. Duplicate ExtoCard via Power Bank accessory. 

Backup Recovery- 

ExtoWallet will soon introduce a passphrase-less recovery option. 



ExtoWallets can be set up to provide access to designees who have had their Biometrics and Pin's selected on cards. 



ExtoWallets are fully distributed and all data private to the user. 

  • On card private biometrics and pin selection.

  • On card private key generation and recovery.

  • Encrypted Bluetooth connectivity 

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, XRP, over 150 ERC 20s

Biometric Recognition and/or Passwords

The card records 7-10 samples of your fingerprint and stores it privately on the card. From that point on the Card requires your fingerprints to verify access and authenticate transactions. 

In addition to the Biometrics, users can choose a pin option as well. In this fashion, the possession of the card is one factor for authentication, Biometrics a 2nd factor and the pin a 3rd factor. 

Multi-Signature Wallets

For the ultimate security, multi-signature accounts can be set up where two co-signers will be required to authorize transactions. ExtoWallets simplify the process of creating and managing transactions for multi-signature wallet accounts. We utilize the ExtoApp to coordinate day to day transactions authorizations. 

Convenient and Secure User Interfaces

Capacitive touch interface and E-ink display provide a very secure yet convenient way to interact with the ExtoCards. The Touch Input can be used to select full alphanumeric pins or enter recover pass phrases. The display also allows the ExtoCard to generate unique QR codes that can be scanned by the mobile apps to establish encrypted Bluetooth connections or to generate unique addresses to receive your crypto transactions. 

Trusted Hardware and Supply Chain

Using public-private key cryptography, certificates and signatures that are inserted into each card during manufacturing, we enable users to verify the authenticity of the ExtoCard they have received. 

The cards use a random internal process to generate your wallet seed and private keys. Private keys never leave the secure confines of the Card and only signatures to transactions which are posted to the Blockchain leave the security of the ExtoCards. . 

Off-Grid Transactions

ExtoWallet is part of the ExtoPay system which enables off grid crypto transactions using Bluetooth. 

Secure online access using FIDO/U2F 

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Biometric FIDO/U2F Authenticator

A growing list of websites such as Google, PayPal, Bank of America  Github, and DropBox, are using Universal Two Factor (U2F) Authentication to secure account sign-on. ExtoCard U2F application gets the card to act as a Biometric U2F Authenticator. To set up U2F you can connect ExtoCard to your computer via the USB Dock or a micro magnetic USB connector that attaches to the ExtoWallet Card. 

Once the Authenticator is set up you can use Bluetooth, NFC or USB to sign-on for Mobile or PC based online accounts. 

Growing list of FIDO/ U2F Services

Bluetooth tracker

Keep track- ExtoWallet Cards have built-in Bluetooth Tracker functionality allow you to ring an alert on your misplaced phone that is within range and alerting you if you leave your ExtoWallet Card behind. 

Recharging & USB dock options for every need

USB Connectivity and Recharger Options:

ExtoWallet Cards have versatile USB connector options. The Micro Magnetic USB connector snaps to the edge of the card for ultra portability. 

The larger USB Dock will be used for your home base. An ultra thin Rechargable USB Dock/Power Bank will also be available. Wirless charging docks will also be an option soon.

ExtoWallet Cards will last weeks before the need for recharging. 

Password Manager & Secure flash drive supported by BeamU 

BeamU versions for Password Manager

For websites that don't support U2F, BeamU versions of the card provide password manager. 


Protected Access To Stored Files

BeamU versions of the cards allow you to store from 32 GB to 128 GB of data on USB Flash, secured by your biometrics and or password. You can carry the most sensitive files and data securely. 

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