Setting a new standard for security, privacy & recovery. 

Multi-factor authentication, private biometrics, multi-signatures, FIDO/U2F, secure element hardware, passphrase along with two backup recovery methods

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, XRP, over 150 ERC 20s

What Does ExtoWallet Do? 

ExtoWallet Card & App
Secure your crypto assets while keeping them accessible
Secure Online Accounts
Protect your online account sign-ons with multi-factor authentication
Password Manager & Secure Flash File Storage provided by Ethernom's BeamU

A biometric, tamper resistant, multi currency wallet, which keeps all your private keys secure and authenticates your crypto transactions. 

Universal two factor authentication (U2F) now supported by a growing list of 100s of websites such as Google, PayPal, etc.  Password Manager capbilties supported in BeamU versoins. 

 BeamU version, onboard flash drive which enables you to store sensitive files protected with biometrics and tamper resistant design. 

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